Generation Women

We are now totally clear on our direction of travel

It can be easy as a small business to neglect long term strategy in favour of being busy and bringing the money in. Thankfully having been on the receiving end of the wisdom of Anne Orr as a mentor, she was the first person I thought of when we wanted to do our 5 year business strategy. We had 2 intensive sessions with Anne where she took us through the key tools and process to think out our vision, our goals, and our strategy to make it happen.

As a result of her insightful questioning and clarity of process we quickly turned what had felt like a pipe dream into a concrete plan. We have a clear understanding of the challenges and how to overcome them, and are totally clear on our direction of travel. We’re excited about the future and are determined that this strategy will be our reality.

Thank you Anne, you’ve been such a pleasure to work with, you managed us well and we’re delighted with the results.

Sinead Sharkey-Steenson, Generation Women